Sunday, 30 December 2012

My New Blogs

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely, lovely Christmas.  It’s almost New Year!  I wonder how you are all going to celebrate.  I shall be popping out for a meal with friends rather early in the evening and then off home to celebrate with the next door neighbours who are having a party. 

Well, with the New Year looming and all things new on the horizon I decided to split up my blogs, I’m part way through moving my thatch cottage blog to its own spot and I’ve begun a blog on my new caravan that  good old Santa brought me.  I’ll be doing a giveaway to promote them both very soon so keep an eye out. 

On the cards for this coming year so far are a couple of pram orders (as always lol) a couple of retro record players and a tutorial for a garden table and chairs set that will be published in Dolls House & Miniature Scene. 

Do check out my other blogs, I’ve included a nice set of pictures showing you how to make a little comfy arm chair on my cottage blog and I shall be adding lots of pictures of all the projects I work on while bringing my caravan to life.  Future caravan projects include decorating the caravan, a miniature wind chime, tiny candles in lanterns, upholstering the furniture, making card buckets & jugs and many other mini projects.  

Well that’s all for this year, have a lovely time this evening, keep safe and have a very 
Happy New Year!  xx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wheeled minis and something to look forward to...

Season’s greetings!

Hello friends, here’s a quick update...  All my orders for this year are now complete! Yay! So now I’m busy cleaning my house and putting up decorations etc.  I thought you might want to see the little wheelchair I made in its propper place with its new owner so I’ve added this link for you so you can pop along to Susan’s blog and read all about it.  Also, here is a link to Robin’s blog, she made little mini Graff who seems delighted to finally be united with his very own set of wheels.  It’s always great to see your creations in the settings of their new owners and the pictures speak for themselves.

Next I thought I’d just pop up a picture of another order I made.  This is a little rear facing pushchair with playbeads and matching apron, made in a shabby chic print and contrasting muted green fabric.  It would seem that many people have spotted Jackie's pram in the same fabric and they often comment on how lovely the colours are.  So hats off to Jackie for her impeccable taste :)

Lastly another little shopping trolley, made for the same customer above.  This time a little traditional tartan number. 

Next year I have several orders for prams, a couple or orders for record players and I'm doing a tuturial for DHMS for a little bistro set so I’m already busy planning my year ahead.

Oh and possibly the most exciting news is this... My lovely, lovely friend Virginia, who knits mini, teeny, tiny outfits and the most gorgeous bootees you have ever seen has asked me if I’d like to have her as my advent-swap partner next Christmas. I jumped at the chance of course and I have a whole year to gather ideas for the 24 tiny gifts I will exchange with her.  I’m absolutely thrilled at the idea!  Here are a couple of pictures of mini cardigans that Virginia knitted for me a while back...

Well I’ve a day of cleaning ahead if I’m going to be ready in time for Christmas so I’d better get on.
Talk soon
Big mini hugs
Gill xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Miniature 1/12th Scale Wheelchair

Another finished project...
Just finished this order for a lovely, lovely lady who has made me giggle on more than one occasion with her fantastic emails.  This is a mini 1/12th scale replica of her hubby’s chair, and now she has seen the pics and indeed the chair has made it safely to its destination I’m sharing the pictures with you.

I really love this creation, I enjoyed working on it even though every single section of it had to be made and glued separately and I had to wait 24 hours every time I glued something somewhere lol.  I made the wheels from scratch because I couldn’t find them at the correct size with double spokes so I made these spoke by spoke. The castor section moves around like the real thing and for this I had to work out what materials I could use to hold the castor unit together that would also allow it to move and turn just like the real thing.  This was a bespoke order so personal touches were needed and for this l made a mini under-seat tool bag and a tiny penknife that sits in a tiny pouch on the side of the chair.

Because I made this chair in the same design as the real life chair and I had to hide a little wire here and there to help make it sturdy as the standard frame of a real chair is connected only by one single crossbar which transferred to a mini does not offer much stability but the wire helped a lot.  The spoked wheels are attached to a section on the frame that is a smaller version of the same section on the real size chair and this too caused the brain cogs to do a bit of extra turning lol.  All in all this was a fantastic project to do and best of all, the new owner and mini owner is pleased and that makes me happy!

Had to tell her not to do wheelies although she says its very "wheelie-friendly" Ahem!
Alegra tests it out for size and comfort.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The holidays are coming

Well I’m up late finishing off orders with the hope of getting away for a few days.  I’m off to the middle of a forest, and while I shall miss you all, I am really in need of a little time out before the big Christmas clean up begins.  Yes it’s fast approaching, yet another Christmas and yet another new year.  Sometimes I’m so busy it feels as if I’ve only just started the year before suddenly I’m wrapping presents at the end of the same year!! I do so love Christmas though, and I know people say it’s a time for children and I’m meant to be an adult but somewhere in my heart, and even in my head, at Christmas I become very much a child again.  

When I was small, my grandma used to make a little Christmas snow scene at the base of the tree.  At 6 years old I thought the tree was HUGE then I later realised it was smaller than me and stood on a coffee table!!  The winter scene always begun with tinfoil, then cotton wool on a roll would cover most of the foil except for the part that was to be the frozen pond.  Next to this would be placed a Santa and a snowman made from a loo roll covered in cotton wool.  I LOVED it!!! 

I know we’re not quite in December yet but I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of Christmas past...

2011 and there were more pressies than this, the big ones didn't fit under the tree lol

2010 and again there were more pressies than this.

I got accused of buying too large a tree last year so I pointed out that at least it was not as big as the one from a few years back, which looked like this...

 Now this was a HUGE tree, I had to cut a foot off it to stand it up and then I had to trim branches so it would fit in the corner and not sit filling the room from wall to wall lol.

This was when it snowed and the fridge was full so we improvised!

All lit up.
Note that Scrooge is on the telly box, very festive! 
Oo I can't wait now lol.  However it is still November and I've still a couple of orders to get out before Christmas so I'm off to bed to catch up on my beauty sleep before starting work again early tomorrow.

Talk soon xxx