Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Moses Basket

Well i decided I liked making these so much that I'm making some in differen colours/fabrics.  Here's my latest one... it's going up on my shop page so you can have the chance to own it :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

New items for sale

I have added some new things to my ‘shop’ page, below are more details and pictures.

I wanted this Moses basket and stand to be a replica of one that I had for my babies when they were small.  I think it looks quite realistic and it has a folding stand, all of it handmade by myself.  The Moses basket comes with the folding stand and has a moving hood and a matching quilt and pillow.

I based this blue pram loosely on the ‘modern’ 1970’s design.  It is blue cord with contrasting baby print lined inner and matching apron.  It has moving wheels, a white padded handle and shopping basket.  The pram comes complete with a tiny blue pram pillow & quilt set and little pram toy.

This little baby boy is a part sculpt with gently movable limbs, he has blond hair and comes dressed in a blue top and dungarees and he even has a removable soother.  Included in this set is a baby gym, a hooded towel and flannel, a set of toiletries in a little basket, a bottle, a baby book and a little teddy with blue ribbon.

Friday, 27 July 2012


Very quickly, before I continue with my work, here are some of the orders I have just finished.  It seems that many people liked the last little stroller I made and they all wanted one so here they are...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hard at work

Well I’ve not forgotten all my lovely mini friends on here I’ve just been run off my feet so sadly I’ve just had no time to update at all.  I’m at the moment working on so many orders I can hardly keep up, I’ve got four pushchairs, a cot, a highchair, rocker, several dolls and a mosses basket in the make along with a lovely new nursery set that I’m sure you will all love.  I am cheating a little bit though because to break up the day I’ve been putting some finishing touches to my thatch cottage so hopefully it will be completed soon and I can let you in for a visit.  Sorry no pictures today because I’ve just not had any time but I will promise I’ll pop up a few new pictures over weekend.
Big mini hugs to you all
Gill xx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Hello my lovely mini friends, old and new.  I'm suddenly very busy with orders for nursery items and prams and all sorts... all my projects have been placed on hold until the pressing orders are completed.  I'll of course show you pictures as I complete things, but for now, I thought you would like to see a little more of my personal loves so...

Meet Vivien...

When Vivien arrived she was naked and bald so I urgently set about making her some undies...

...and I covered her head with a towel until her hair could be fitted.

This is Vivien meeting up with the other housemates.
Once I'd attached Vivien's hair and made her a dress she needed shoes to complete her look, I wanted them to fit so I made a template of her foot and created these little sandles from fine leather.

And here she is all finished...
Vivien is just sharing a nice evening in the garden with her friend Alegra and the babies.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Miniature Nursery for sale

This nursery set in now for sale on ebay...

Friday, 6 July 2012

Blue for a Boy Nursery Set

Well here it is... the Blue for a Boy Nursery Set.

The set comprises of everything you see in the picture – Cot, highchair/swing, rocker, basket, mosses basket and pram plus all the accessories.  Below is a list of details...

Highchair has padded seat, harness and removable tray and it converts to a baby swing.

Baby rocker has attached activity centre.

Accessories, basket,  two cot blankets (one blue, one white), baby hooded towel, wash mit, duck, teddy, toys, toiletries, baby book and a hat, mittens and scarf set (all wearable). 

Pram is lined with contrasting fabric and is a whole new design, it has a shopping tray, turning wheels, matching apron, coordinating pram set (quilt and pillow) and pram toy. 

Cot includes drapes, trimmed valance, stretch fabric covered mattress, flat sheet (removable), frilled cot bumper, quilt cover and a beautiful duck and teddy mobile.  

The highchair/swing.

This converts to the swing below.

Everything is usable, the blankets, the book has printed pages, the hat is wearable and even the mittens can fit a tiny hand inside.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mini baskets

I know I'm right in the middle of finishing off the nursery set but I had a couple of friends who wanted baskets so here they are.  I made these from scratch and I'll post a little tutorial for them as soon as I have a moment so you can have a go at making one yourself.  Like all mini's they are fiddly and time consuming to make but worth it because they are very cute and far nicer than their pictures.

Monday, 2 July 2012

The next mini make...

Well the next mini make is BIG and I don't mean in size I mean in quantity.  The 'Blue for a Boy' Nursery Set is well on the way, it will include a pram, a cot, a crib, a baby rocker, a highchair, toy box and much, much more and as always there will be lots of moving parts and great attention to detail... pix to follow this week.  The full nursery set will be on sale but as always I will give you a chance to own it first before it goes to ebay, so feel free to make enquirers now and watch out for the pictures. xx