Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Miniature child-doll's stroller

Hello my lovely mini friends,

As always I’ve been bust making prams, I wish you could see them in real life because I just don’t think pictures do them justice at all.  I had a fun order (that I’ve pictured below) and it was to make this little 1/12th scale child-doll’s toy stroller.  I scaled down to approximately half the size of a standard 1/12th scale pushchair so I guess it would pass as 1/24th scale.  It is meant to look like a child’s stroller though without as much ‘fuss’ as an adult pushchair would have and I think it does look child-like.  It’s still very detailed and  I’m pleased with it, if I get any time I may make a couple more. 

Thank you for all your lovely comments; I love to hear what you think of my mini creations, it spurs e on when I’m having one of those no-motivation-moments lol.  I have been toying with the idea of running some classes to show people how I make my prams; I thought I would provide the materials and perhaps have a class of around 10 or 12.  I also thought about making some kits… I am not sure how much these would cost to roll out though, still just a thought.

Well I’m planning a little holiday soon, just five days in Portugal, I like it there, it seems fairly laid back and generally has a relaxed feel to the place and with my crazy life relaxing is very much needed. I’ve not even thought about what clothes I’ll need or anything yet, I expect I’ll just rush-pack the day before knowing me lol. 

I was wondering if anyone has ever wanted something in miniature that they could not find anywhere?  I’m looking for new ideas I guess… I always like to make new and interesting things.  I am going to make some modern furniture closer to the end of the year but I’m booked up till August so it won’t be till after then.
Well, I better get back to it, got some babies to sculpt and more prams to make.

Talk soon!
Gill x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Purple Pram

Hello again my lovely mini friends,

As always I am very busy, I have a rush of orders, some of them quite large, which is lovely and I get to make some cute pink girly nursery minis so I am very happy.  I have had lots on of late including some not so happy news as we did have a death in the family so of course this slightly put me back on a few of my orders.  I do wish I could be cloned because that way one of me could attend to all the pressing family matters while the other could simply make minis for all you lovely people out there.  I have got several of my own fun projects on the go, but some have been put on hold for the time being as I just don’t have enough hours in the day.  My caravan is going to be sat there awaiting its interior design for a little longer and my twin prams and very modern up to the second pushchair is also on hold atm while I get through orders but I do have this purple pram I have just completed for one of my lovely customers to show you.  This is a reclining pushchair with moving footrest, matching apron and bag, shopping tray, shaped handle, moving hood, moving wheels, full harness, padded seat, and detachable play tray with removable sippy cup.  My customer chose the colours and I think she made a great choice as they work really well together.  Hope you like the pictures.  Now I’m off to make a tiny pushchair, a larger 1/9th scale pushchair, a couple of prams and lots of girly baby things :)

Have lots of fun whatever you are doing and remember it is national no housework day so sit down, have a cuppa and don’t dare touch that washing up!!  Lol

Big mini hugs
Gill x

This pic shows you just how teeny this pram is!