Monday, 1 July 2013

Peter Rabbit Pushchair and other minis

Hey there mini friends,
We’ve had some nice warm sun this afternoon and we’re going to have lots of nice weather this week so I’ll be out taking photos of my minis and I may even get out to enjoy some of the good weather too.  I’ve been busy and I have finished all my orders for now, not sure I’ll be taking on bespoke orders any more as I never seem to have any time to make other minis but I will still make prams that I’ll pop up for sale here.  As my orders are now complete I decided to make a few other minis and pop them up for sale so I made some little hanging baskets of flowers and then I made tiny bird feeders.  Now I’m making retro record players and then I’m doing more shopping trolleys before embarking on more baby things lol.  I’ve popped up lots of pix for you below.  Lastly, I have also put up some pictures of my last order, a little Peter rabbit pushchair made for a lovely mini friend of mine.

I’m really enjoying my artistic freedom, who knows what other minis may be created during this free flowing artistic period lol.  Hope you enjoy the pictures oh and thanks you for your comments I know I say it all the time but you really make me happy.  Oh and one last thing I’ve now started using my Etsy shop so do stop by and have a look.

Big mini hugs

Gill xx

Firstly, the Peter Rabbit Pushchair…

Now for the hanging baskets...

Now the bird feeders...