Friday, 13 June 2014

Our Precious New Arrival and a Twin Pushchair

Hello all,
Well I had begun the year with great intentions to keep everybody updated but then I got a surprise, a new granddaughter so all my efforts went off in a rather PINK baby girl direction lol and oh am I enjoying her.
I thought I'd show you all a few pictures of my gorgeous 1st granddaughter Phoebe, she weighed 8lb 6oz at birth and she's almost six weeks old now which means that I have finally managed to slow down buying her gorgeous outfits and actually apply myself enough to finish off a twin pushchair that I started some months back - pictures below.

I have another twin pushchair on the table almost finished and then I've got some new materials to test out before I begin making some pram and pushchair kits.  The patterns for the body of the pram/pushchair is the easy part of designing a kit but I'm not sure how to convert the rest of the process into kit form so a little working out is needed here.

AND, as if I didn't have enough projects on the go, I started my DHE mountfield doll house, so far it has been just glued together but soon I'll be priming it in white before testing out my brick effect  mix that I got from Bromleys that I've never used before... I'll post pictures as I go so you can see how easy or difficult it is to use.

Ok now for all the pictures, firstly my little princess Phoebe...

She's absolutely gorgeous and I love her to pieces :) 

And here is the pushchair with separately reclining seats, yes it is like the last one but that is because since I made it everyone has asked me to make another one so, here it is and it is up for sale. 

Now if I can stop buying pink baby things I'll finish off my twin red and grey pushchair and then maybe manage to start designing some kits :)
Till next time...
Big mini hugs

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April 2014 Update

Hello everyone,
Long time no blog... but I'm back now... with a super LONG post :)

In this blog there will be lots of catching up so I've added some pictures of the 'Twelve Days' minis both the sent and received gifts.  I have included a couple of pictures of the baby things I made recently and of some of the furniture I made to sell in my Etsy shop.  I also got a wonderful surprise this year too, my mate from down under, Susan kindly made me a gorgeous christening gown for my belly button baby so I've taken pictures to show you.  

Well I guess I'll just briefly update you all on life and such, sadly my mini making time was hugely interrupted for a while because one of those nasty gas companies has decided to build a well with a view to fracking just a mile from my house :(  Not sure what people know about this but it is extremely dangerous and should not be carried out at all let alone that close to people's homes (it is actually illegal in the UK but they are doing it anyway).  So my time went towards working hard to try and put a stop to it. 

Right, moving onto MINIS... over the Christmas period my lovely friend Ginny knitted me twelve beautiful gifts, they are pictured below.  In return, for the swap, I made her twelve minis and they too are pictured below.

The wonderful gifts from Ginny 

The gifts I made for Ginny

Now for the baby things I made recently for an order.  Some of the pictures feature the minis in their new home with their new owners :) 

This little pram was created for a customer who specifically asked for a little duck and pram toy.

Here is the pram in it's new home.

Here is the play-mat with it's new owner.

Now for the furniture I've just placed for sale in my Etsy shop.  I love this muted turquoise blue and I coupled it with pink roses which I think works really well so I made a whole bedroom set just because it made me happy :) Perhaps I'll make a bed to match soon as I get a chance. 

I decided to make something a little more unusual so I created this little ladder shelf for the garden.  I think it offers a unique and rather pretty place for displaying tiny plants and it would look equally good indoors in a shabby chic living room. 

Now for the BEAUTIFUL gifts from my mate down under...

A gorgeous christening gown.
You may remember the little accessories that Susan made for me some time back.
So here is my lovely belly button baby made by the wonderful Ginny and gifted to me at Christmas with the ever so cute outfit lovingly fashioned by Susan.
Too cute!! This will give you an idea of size! 

Yes the buttons really fasten!

Beautiful and all to match!

All this dressing up makes little babies tired :)

So tiny and cute shooz!! 



I hope you like all the pictures :)
I've also begun making my big DHE Mountfield kit so as soon as I get chance I'll show you some pictures of it.  Oh and I will also be stocking some Dolls House Emporium minis in my shop soon too... and they will be priced at lower than the DHE charges :)

Till next time, big mini hugs
Gill x