Friday, 1 July 2016

Oberon Pram 1/12th Scale

Hello mini friends,

I managed to make my Oberon child's toy pram in 1/12th scale and it turned out rather well.  I had lots of fun taking pictures of my little Heidi Ott doll playing with the pram and her dollies.  These prams in real life are quite large and hence quite large looking when scaled down so it was fun trying to explain that this was a child-doll's doll's pram for a doll house lol.  It's a pity I didn't have an adult-doll's doll house pram to put at the side of it during pictures to show the difference in size... perhaps a project for the future maybe :)

I made this pram for a lovely customer who is creating a memory box; she specifically mentioned that the little bag clipped on to the handle so I had to do a bit of research to find out how but I managed it.  I don't know about you but I rely heavily on the internet for my research and I found that sometimes when I cannot find the info in a basic search of various websites if I switch my view on google to 'images' then I can find what I want much more easily, also a juggle of words helps too.  Viewing images is like a shortcut to find what I need as I can immediately see a picture of it then pop to the website if I need more information.  I even found this useful when I was trying to find dimensions of a specific pram, in google images I managed to find the pram with all the measurements printed on the picture, fantastic help.

So, it has been as always a super busy time but this time I've been like a hermit and hardly been out of the craft room at all because I am snowed under with orders and with fine tuning pram kits that I hope will make it possible for many more people to have their own little prams.  Instead of the complicated way I make prams now, I have spent a long, long time researching materials and testing them out and I now think I can make some fairly basic kits for people so that they can make up their own prams.  I even have a kit on its way for carriage prams and I'm very proud of this one.  Now my orders are going to run right up to December so I'll be kept busy but I am crossing my fingers that I will have pram kits out by December too so keep an eye out.  The kits will probably change a little as time goes by because at present I think I will have to put a difficulty scale on them as all will require some craft knowledge but some will need a basic understanding where as some will require a little more skill.  It is a long drawn out process because I want to get it right and of course I have to put them together myself while taking pictures so I can make instructions.  Eventually I'll put up pictures and a blog of me making the prams myself here for anyone needing extra help.  I have plans to make kits for a carriage pram, a modern pram and a modern pushchair but more kits will follow as and when I get the chance to design and put them together.  My hope is that it will relieve some of my workload just a little bit while allowing more people to own their own cute mini pram.

Well, that's what I've been up to, and on the table now is another Lloyd Loom crib and an adult-doll's Oberon style carriage pram, almost complete.  I've begun making my own wheels now so you will hopefully see a marked improvement on my old wheels.  Also on the table are... a twin pushchair, a modern pram, a reclining pushchair and a single pushchair.  Well I better crack on or I'll never get anything finished.  Here are my Oberon pictures... enjoy.   
Have a nice day all, talk soon.

Gill x