Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Carriage Pram and New Pram Kits

Hello mini friends...

I hope this post finds you all well.  Last time I posted I told you I would be showing you the new improvements I have made on my prams...

Well I had an order from a lovely lady (I do have some wonderful customers) and we chatted about a few old things as you do, and I ended up making a carriage pram rather like the Oberon in a previous post but this time for an adult dh doll to push.  To add to this she asked me could I make her a little crib like the one she had as a baby, a little bit of research later and a crib with a little stand on wheels was recreated in mini and lastly I made a tiny canopy for the carriage pram.  Well I had lots of fun doing all this I can tell you but it also gave me a chance to use some of the new materials I had been researching and educating myself on.

I think one of the main things I am pleased with is the wheels... notice the wheels have double spokes which are just wonderful.  Prior to this I had made my own wheels and also found a few to purchase but the old way I made wheels was very time consuming and difficult but now, I finally have new wheels with double spokes that I love.

As always the pram has a moving hood and wheels and is fully lined and has a matching apron.  I changed quite a few things on this mini make and I even found some very tiny screws to attach the various parts with, they were fiddly but they work.  I really love how it all turned out and I hope you love it too.

Now the good news is, I have finally, finalised my pram kits and managed to get several made up and on sale so that you can now make your own carriage prams.   I asked a very lovely friend of mine to test-run one of my kits prior to release.  This lovely lady has never made a pram before but she is a seasoned crafter of mini things and has some beautiful works so I thought she would be the perfect person to test out the kit and give me some honest feedback.

I will tell you now that my friend agreed with me that my carriage pram kit is not for the faint hearted, as I said to her, part of the reason I wanted to bring out kits was because making these prams takes so long and so I wanted to give more people the chance to own one of these beautiful prams knowing that I myself do not have enough hours in the day to take on all the orders I get.  So this way I can give more people the opportunity to have their own treasured miniature carriage pram and they can also feel proud that they made it. I have given this kit a difficulty level of being for the seasoned crafter because it is quite detailed and takes a degree of time and accuracy.  I expect I could bring out another kit with a non-moving hood and without a padded and lined inner and that could be a little easier to make and I will work on some simplified kits in the future but first I intend to bring out lots of other mini pram and pushchair kits.

I did change a few things in the kit from what I originally created because to be very honest the instructions are already pages long and given the long list of materials I use, well lets just say it was turning into the 'War & Peace' equivalent.  I suspect I will continue to improve on this kit but this will mean the kit is limited and therefore I am going to send out numbered certificates of authenticity with the kits.

So I have more kits in the making, modern kits, kits for prams and other minis too.  The modern kits are so much simpler in comparison to the carriage pram, but I intend to make some even easier kits so that people who have never even attempted to put together a piece of Ikea furniture can just throw a basic pram kit together blindfolded... well maybe not blindfolded but certainly with ease.  

Now because I am making kits I believe it will leave me a little time to make the minis I want to make, you know, allow artistic juices to flow and all that.  So I intend to have some fun next year making whatever takes my fancy and I already have some ideas on what next year will bring. 

If you would like a carriage pram kit then I have put them up for sale on my website (click this link). If you happen to go there and find I am out of stock then don't worry I'll keep making more kits for a while and you can always email me if you find the new stock hasn't been updated for a while.

So here is the new pram that the carriage pram kits are based on and also below are pictures of the crib and the prams with its canopy.  Hope you enjoy.

1/12th Scale Carriage Pram

1/12th Scale Carriage Pram

1/12th Scale Carriage Pram

1/12th Scale Carriage Pram

1/12th Scale prams set and pram toy

1/12th Scale Carriage Pram

1/12th Scale Carriage Pram

Here is the crib and the pram with canopy.

1/12th Scale crib

1/12th Scale crib

I hope you like the pictures, Next I will be looking at designing some nice modern pushchair kits and I will eventually get round to creating some period pram kits too. 

Big mini hugs

Gill x