Thatch Cottage - 1/12th scale miniature dolls house

Here is my little pride and joy - Thatch Cottage.

I loved making this little cottage, I made or modified most of the furniture within and I created lots of the tiny minis that give it detail and I also have lots of beautiful minis made by other artists in here too.

I wanted a cosy space, a self contained hideaway, perhaps it is in the middle of nowhere, with nobody to bother you and where life moves at a slower pace.  The lady who lives in the cottage doesn't mind a little clutter or untidiness, life is too short for that, she'd rather read a good book or listen to an old tune on the record player, and if you peeked through the window you may even catch a glimpse of her dancing.   If you call round for tea at the cottage you can sit out in the garden and listen to the birdsong while breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the peace, what more could you want.

If you're ever passing by, be sure to drop in and say hello.

Thatch Cottage

Here is the kitchen and dining area of Thatch Cottage.

I love the little plant, its a succulent, it is REAL, it needs but a tiny drop of water and it will stay this small for quite some time so it is perfect for my mini cottage.

The pictures on the wall and the tea towel are a lovely gift from Jackie - Friday's Child. I made the cutlery holder, mug and soap dish from card.

I made the little rugs and the shopping basket from string.

A bit of shopping.

I made this little two ring hob.

The inhabitant of Thatch Cottage is a little messy sometimes, but she's content and so a little untidiness doesn't bother her.

The dining area...

Breakfast is served. The food is made by Amanda Speakman, she makes great food.   

The tea cosy was made by my friend Sylvia Sims (God bless her).

I made the coat, the pinboard and the bag.
A view from above...

 Here are pictures of the cottage sleeping, dressing and relaxing area. 

This doubles up as wash room and dressing space.

Entertainment in comfort.

She love's a good read, the book is fully printed inside too!

A little music...

Fluffy slippers are a must on wooden floors.

Wouldn't be complete without a couple of dolls.

...and a bear or three!

There's always a box under the bed full of 'stuff'!

The trusted vinal record player, because she still loves to dance.

Love letters.

Black and red fascinator by Kat the Hat Lady.

A tiny record player I made.

The cottage garden.

I couldn't find the right garden set, so I made this one from card.

Something for the birds.

Washing day at the cottage.

So that's Thatch Cottage... I hope you enjoyed your visit, do come back again. xx


  1. perfect little place! you have thought of everything!!

  2. Hi,
    This is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. This is just tooooo cuuuute!!! Nice details love it all so cozy too!!!

  4. Love this, it looks so cosy and comfy. I'm actually adapting the same kit to make an 18th century crofter's cottage, it's quite a challenge involving egg cartons, modroc and a door mat(!) but I'm having a great time with it.

    1. great stuff, you will have to send me a picture once it's complete! :)

  5. Is this made from a kit? I am making a fairy garden and hoping to have little fairy houses like this.

    1. The house began as a very basic kit (bare walls, roof etc) but I modified the walls and roof and of course I created the stone effect and did all the thatch myself etc, etc. So apart from the bare wood, I did everything else myself :)

  6. I am sooo in awe of you and your talent and imagination! Love love love it!

  7. FABULOUS! The detail is amazing and it has such a warm cozy atmosphere!

  8. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing it.

  9. I've just started making fairy houses (so addictive), so I have to say.... I LOVE the thatched roof that you did. Fantastic!

  10. Really inspiring. Beautiful and really peace home :)